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BOTH SIDES, NOW | Living Well, Leaving Well

End-Of-Life Issues

The Essential No-Regrets Bucket List

Complete all 10 steps for your peace of mind

  1. I know what my preferred healthcare and caregiving choices are
  2. I know the options and potential issues for financing my care
  3. I know the quality of life I hope to have in my final days
  4. I have discussed all of the above with my loved ones and healthcare providers
  5. I have chosen a spokesperson who can tell my doctors about my healthcare wishes if I am no longer able to do so
  6. I have made a Lasting Power of Attorney to appoint someone to make financial and personal welfare decisions on my behalf if I am no longer able to do so
  7. I have made a will for the distribution of my assets after my death
  8. I have told my loved ones about the last rites I wish to have
  9. I know how I wish to be remembered
  10. I have said everything I want to say to the people who are important to me

General Resources

Community-based Resources

Lien Foundation Publications


The Lien Foundation has been championing areas concerning end-of-life issues in Singapore, as well as having an impact internationally. Here are some publications available on their website that throw light on the relevant issues, including stories and resources from persons who have intimate knowledge and experiences in this area.

Lien Foundation Ang Chin Moh Foundation
Drama Box Arts Wok
Yishun Health Good Life

Tote Board Living Matters
People's Association Pek Sin Choon Pte Ltd Canon