As our city becomes more developed and urbanised, concrete starts to take over nature.

In nature, one sees the natural course of being: growing, living, withering and dying. But the city is so focused on being alive that we hide everything that may suggest the opposite.

Even though we would like to forget about it, dying is very much part of being human. So a city that does not make space for one to think about and accept dying, is not a city that is humanised.

This is why the BOTH SIDES, NOW creative team has created this immersive arts experience – to provide the opportunity for the living to encounter dying. We hope to normalise conversations about end-of-life issues by taking this conversation to public spaces.

Through interacting with the various artworks, we invite you to reflect on your own humanness and mortality, and give your personal take on what it means to have a dignified death.

Many thanks to Lien Foundation and Ang Chin Moh Foundation for supporting the vision of this project. Also many thanks to all the supporting organisations and community partners for believing that a place that is humanistic embraces both the living and the dying.

Kok Heng Leun
Artistic Director